The support vision of the youth in sport as seen by Sports and Travel Europe

The pleasure of practice: this is the first reason that will make a young person want to engage in a sporting activity. The choice of the activity that will motivate him is essential for his sporting success. It is then up to us, responsible professionals, to support the child for his or her development and to avoid certain abuses. It is well known that sport is beneficial on all levels: an obvious fact on the physical level but also on the psychological and intellectual level. As event organizers, we take our role as intermediaries in the planning and supervision of sports camps very seriously. We work with a view to the optimal development and socialization of the child, an indisputable factor in his or her development. It is our professional choice and we believe that it is our responsibility as adults to help younger generations to build themselves and thus find their place in a group.

Our role is therefore to provide the best sports coaches to teams for their internships and the best facilities in Europe.

Sports and Travel Europe regularly works with Frédéric Soyez, coach of the national field hockey team in Spain; he leads Master Class for all teams and has the exemplary profile that Sports and Travel Europe puts forward to coach young people in full development of their personality and thus convey positive and influential messages.

“The difference between being a sportsman and a top athlete: an athlete is someone who will do everything possible to achieve his objectives: for this he must be able to give himself the means to succeed and must be ready to assume the consequences. Work and discipline must be the values to be followed: to achieve a perfect gesture, it must be repeated about 11,000 times, which implies a very good organization because they are sacrifices from the earliest age. At the same time each (young) athlete must have a coherent double personal project (athletic and academic or professional) and this requires a certain organization, order, and once again work and discipline.

Field hockey master classes held at the Club d’Egara, a reference club in Spain where the best players in Spain emerge from it. Frédéric Soyez also accompanied us in master classes on Valencia at the Valencia Club de hockey de Beteró (April 2019) where the recent France-Spain pre-Olympic matches that Spain won were held. We wish Frederic good luck for the future Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.

It is with a similar vision that we have set up Master Class basketball with Antoine Rigaudeau (French – Spanish – in English with assistance), here is his vision of sport among young people: “Sport is essential for the development of the human being and therefore an integral part of the education of young people… The fact of developing undeniable physical abilities and it is a true positive factor for public health. It also allows you to acquire the fundamentals of everyday life: taste of effort, discipline, perseverance, confidence, conquering spirit, friendliness, mutual aid, etc. And this if the practice of sport is carried out in an atmosphere that I would call «strictness-positive”…. indeed the requirement is not a brake, simply a plus to achieve or even surpass your objectives and be proud to have succeeded individually or collectively. This requirement does not prevent the pleasure of sports practice, it allows us to appreciate it from another angle. Sport is the sum total of physical and mental well-being…for everyone… ».