Why use an incoming agency ?


Let the specialists find the best sports and logistics services for you according to your needs, your budget and your requirements. Your time is precious, and delegating it to an intermediary whose real job does not necessarily means losing monney ! This one is a force of proposal and well present on the spot to find the best offers and innovations on the market which will correspond best to you with serious and competitive service providers.
This intermediary who is YOUR agent on site is constantly there to check his suppliers before and during YOUR event; the proposed sites and equipment are regularly inspected in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises, the hotels are adapted to the range you want with always a remarkable quality/price ratio. Carriers are punctual and diligently controlled.
The best coaches and sports instructors in the most suitable stadiums and fields will be offered in the language that suits you.
A 24-hour assistance will also allow you to better understand on the spot organization and the small annoyances that your customers could feel (delays, administrative problems, language problems…).
Gain in quality of service and only pay one intermediary! Transparency is essential you will know exactly what you are buying before you come and you will not have any unpleasant surprises on the site.

The activity of the incoming agency is strictly regulated by the Tourism Code and must be covered by a financial guarantee for the benefit of the consumer.