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Our support for the Level Up Foundation’s training programs

Convinced through our cultural and sports support programs in Europe that culture and sport are greatly beneficial for the development of human beings (see our article on our vision of supporting young people in sport), it is with complete evidence that we have not hesitated to collaborate in the new Level UP Foundation project in direct relation to our conception of a fairer society.

Level UP is first and foremost a recognized school in Spain. Its founder, Carlos Degaldo, who is dedicated to small and medium-sized companies, has always wanted his training courses to be accessible to all. He is an altruistic personality who has created a Foundation aimed at training anyone regardless of their social or professional status.

His goal is to make people aware that every decision and action taken affects each of our results; that despite our differences, we all have enormous potential that is sometimes underestimated! This is what the Foundation wants to promote through various training courses, aimed at children, young people and adolescents, parents and teachers who need support; and therefore to become or regain awareness of the great values they can have and regain real self-confidence!

To be surrounded by motivating and positive people is the perpetual challenge of our company, whether in our social actions or in the choice of our service providers for our cultural, sports and event programs.

We know some of the Level UP Foundation’s trainers well and we recognize their great values; we have therefore not hesitated to collaborate financially in the development of the Foundation to give an extra boost to society.

Each one of our sales now includes participation in the Foundation’s programs and we will not hesitate to keep you informed of the actions implemented.