Tourism and desability : an organization that must be infallible

Alhambra Granada

Our core business remains the organization of tourist trips and there are trips that are out of the ordinary and require a really very meticulous and flawless logistics for visitors with special needs. It is in close collaboration with the French bus agency Les Voyages Lasbareilles that we have contributed to the success of a magnificent tour in Andalusia for holidaymakers from a disabled people’s association, full of desire to discover the cultural riches of southern Spain.

From sports internships with special needs for the disabled to the organisation of activities for families accompanying our athletes during their internships and tournaments, SPORTS AND TRAVEL EUROPE promotes the organization of trips and events of all kinds.

‘’First collaboration with Sports and Travel Europe, we thank Delphine for her work and her reactivity as our needs were so particular, we are fully satisfied and look forward to working together again.

Mohamed, Sylvain Agence Voyages Lasbareilles“

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