A musical team building to work on the cohesion of any type of team!

As always, we like to present our services in all transparency and it is with great enthusiasm that we present here one of our favorite Team building!

A team building on the realization of a musical circle, where the famous hakka is also required : the aim is to strengthen the sports teams but also the work teams in general, accompanied by competent coaches who adapt perfectly to the public.

A workshop based on a cohesion work programme for the integration of any team and thus allowing people to connect with each other in a fun way. The results of a single session can strengthen self-esteem, increase confidence and promote the vision and creativity of the work force or a sports team, with the aim of improving the working climate and productivity of participants.

It is an ideal activity to strengthen the cohesion of a group at the same time (no subgroups) and in the same place.

Objective: relax and have fun

Timing: on a case-by-case basis (from a few hours to 1 or 2 days)

Supervision: facilitator(s)/coach(s), representative(s) Sports and Travel Europe

Instruments and materials for all participants: Drum Circle musical instruments: bongos, djembes, darbukes, goliats, bahia, claves, guiros, agogo.

Red, black and white make-up for the Haka

Pre-event information meeting between coaches and the client to define the objectives of the company or sports team, their values, enter the sector of activity etc.

Example of a typical program we are implementing:

Welcome and contextualization of the assignment

Warming the body and voice through musical games

The team’s mission is to compose rhythmic stories, games and creative dynamics with values and keywords defined in advance with the client.

The contribution of each participant will be essential for the development of the group rhythm and to provide the team with doses of musical intelligence, spatial intelligence, body kinetics, linguistic and emotional intelligence.

Once the challenges proposed in an operational manner have been met, participants will continue to emerge from the front of the team with their skills, where those in leadership will also flourish.

Through drums and small percussion, each individual has the same value as the whole.

The group then enjoys a deep relaxation through a series of musical transitions with more than 20 instruments.

The session ends with exteriorization, relaxation and reflection; the team will be able to leave its comfort zone to experience collective success, enhance its creativity, cooperation, reflection and thus a real cohesion of the entire work team will have been created. Enough to guarantee a great time!

A service that Sports and Travel Europe offers throughout Spain with coaches speaking English/ Spanish/ French and accompanied by translators for other languages!